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Hold Still - Nina LaCour http://wordsandsinew.blogspot.com/2012/10/hold-still-by-nina-lacour.htmlI'm not going to say much because honestly, I don't know at all what to say. I'm not going to go on and on and on, and even try to be eloquent, about how how beautiful this book is. About how real this book is. That would be a waste of time.It's about a girl who lost her best friend dealing with all the loss, anger, and sadness all built up inside of her, ready to make her explode into absolute nothing. It's about Caitlin, trying to find life again without Ingrid, and trying to learn how to let people inside her again.I don't want to over-analyze this book or break it down piece-by-piece. You can't, otherwise you just lose its entire purpose. It's like a song you really love. You don't have to analyze it, lyric by lyric to know why you love it or why it means so much. You just listen and get it and it's like it understands life and you. There's no need to dissect it; it just is and that's more than enough. This is a book that makes you lose words. Just read and feel it, because that I promise you will do.