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My Soul to Take - Rachel Vincent Also at: http://wordsandsinew.blogspot.com/2012/09/my-soul-to-take-by-rachel-vincent.htmlThis novel surprised me so much! For the first few chapters it seemed like it was just going to be the atypical YA novel. Average girl meets hot guy, hot guy knows secret about average girl, they fall in love and badda-boom! End of story. But whoa. It so took an unexpected turn. I won't lie, Kaylee and Nash's relationship still developed way too fast. Unnaturally fast. I'm not sure whether I like them together or not because I've yet to seen any sort of depth or evidence in their relationship that makes me want them to be together. Unless you count their frequent hot kisses, but I don't so I need a little more emotional evidence which is something Kaylee wants too. She doesn't just go, "Oh to hell with it. I'm kissing a hot guy, I don't care if we barely have any emotional connection what. so. ever." She questions the authenticity of their relationship. Something that bothered me was she never really discussed the relationship with Nash but there's so many other things going on I don't really blame her.Kaylee's a really strong lead. She's totally kick-ass. I can really see her standing her place and growing with every book. She's a character to watch for, one I personally am excited to see more of. My biggest complaint with her is when she's with Nash. I'd just hear over and over how comfortable he made her feel, how calming he was, and how he-- yea, okay, I get it. Nash is freaking awesome but can we move on? I didn't really fall in love with Nash either. He's the typical male lead. Hot, soothing, and his kisses are out of this world. He does have some personal demons but they don't make him a brooding emo which was nice. I would just like to see more of his personality, which hopefully will happen as the series going on.Now to the plot. Holy crap, this plot. This is one of the most original plots in YA I've read in years, folks, years. It had so many twists and turns I just did not see coming. Rachel Vincent did a fantastic job with it. The ending was just whoa and a character I once hated, then sympathized for, I ended up hating but then sympathizing for all over again. Jury's still out on whether or not I feel sorry for that character or if I hate them. Probably little bit of both. But still, I love the new elements Vincent brought and appreciate how much thought she put into building up this world and plot. The vividness of it is incredible. Another reason why this book is so original is the creature it's centered around. Face it: most pnr novels are werewolves, vampires, faeries, mermaids, or whatever else. But Vincent uses banshees. Banshees! I mean who would've ever thought of, not just using them, but twisting around the folklore so much that this entirely creative and mesmerizing world comes out as well? Just al;kajsflkja.I had a small problem with the editing though. Typically,the word "bean sidhe" was italicized, but there were a few occurrences when it was not making me confused on the purpose of the word being italicized in the first place. Also there seemed to be a lot of ellipses which always get annoying very fast. Regardless of those small annoyances, Vincent's writing is incredible, so much so that I can see it becoming a favorite of mine very fast.Soul Screamers was a pleasant surprise. I was so wary when I started it but man, once the plot starts it don't stop. It's a full on ride that I enjoyed every bit and look very much forward to the next one.