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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver [1.04.13] edit: Went down to two stars. Lauren Oliver's writing barely gives it that. I've learned that books with a lot of hype will always be so much more disappointing than they should be. Delirium is a very pretty book... and that's just about it.Let me start by saying that Lauren Oliver's writing totally lived up the hype. It's beautiful and effective. I saw, felt, touched, smelled, and heard nearly everything she was trying to communicate with me. From this point on, I'll always be willing to read more of her writing. So the probability of the things happening in this book are one in a bazillion but hey, who said the plots of books ever had to have even a smidgen of possibility? It's a definitely interesting concept, love being a disease but it was never fully explained how or why society came to this conclusion, working under the assumption that at one point society was allowed to love. Just way too many loopholes in the plot for my liking. It seemed too easy for the characters to work outside the system. I did enjoy Oliver's attempt to present both sides of the argument (anti-love vs. pro-love) but after Lena meets Alex it's like all rationality just flew out the window. Not to mention it was like Alex came out of the LI factory, so typical.A few aspects were okay while others were beautiful and moving.I'd be lying if I said it completely put me under but I struggled a lot more often to continue reading rather than wanting to continue reading.Oh and the ending. Could see that coming a mile away. The thing about cliff-hangers is that they should be surprising. They should have you on the edge of your seat. But when you see it coming and it's presented in an overly-dramatic fashion, you tend to fall out of your seat laughing rather than in tension.