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The Mermaid's Mirror - L.K. Madigan ~May contain possible spoilers.~I love mermaids. They're one of my favorite creatures ever. So you can imagine my excitement to read this, yes? Well that flew out the window quickly.First of all, relationships do not develop in a matter of days! Lena's other suitor does not appear till the last half of the book (more like the last one-quarter) and within days they're in love and ready to proclaim to the world. No, nonononono. I literally rolled my eyes when I read that. The book wasn't difficult to get through. I never really felt like I had to pause because I was getting bored, but what bored me about the book was the fact that it felt like nothing unique and that nothing was every really happening.Lena's got a personality but I just couldn't connect with her. There just wasn't anything in her or her struggle that I found in some way I could relate to or just overall care about. A reason for this could be for the fact that the girl possess no sense of compassion. When Lena finds out the truth of her past, she's a real bitch to her parents. I understand where her frustration comes, I'd be pissed off too, but come on. Can't you at least sit and down and maybe think why your parents kept things from you? Maybe to protect you? She was just so bitter with them it turned me off. I wanted to like this. So much.