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My Soul to Save - Rachel Vincent & at: http://wordsandsinew.blogspot.com/2012/09/my-soul-to-save-by-rachel-vincent.htmlFirst review of this book I lamented on how there was a lack of sacrifice on both Kaylee and Nash's part. I went on about how the pacing wasn't as exciting as the first one and how it had hit the somewhat inevitable "sophomore slump."I take it all back.It wasn't till around book four that I realized how much this book would shape and set the foundation for the entire series. How such seemingly small events could grow so huge it would ultimately warp and, in some cases, destroy parts of each character's life.Okay, I lied on taking back the fact that this book wasn't as exciting as the first but this book is far, far, far more genius than the first. In fact, the foreshadowing and discreet intricacy of this book is just brilliant, probably the most brilliant I've ever read in any YA series.The first read through will not impress you much but I promise as the series goes on, and when you look back to find the catalyst of all the tragic events that unfold throughout this series, most will come from within this book. I am just astounded at how much this book changed and started the drive for most of the larger plot-points in this series later on, specifically for Nash.(I'd like to take a quick moment to say I love that boy dearly. Yes, he does some asshole-worthy moves later on but Nash is the tragic character of this series who is really trying to get out of the hole he unknowing and unwillingly fell into.)I'm telling you right now if you haven't read this series, please, please, please do. The inner-workings of its carefully woven plot, not to mention Rachel Vincent's brilliant writing, will amaze you.I guarantee it.Side note: I find it amusing that Rachel Vincent was inspired by pre-teen shows like Hannah Montana because let's face it, the whole "selling your soul for fame" portion is accurate in some cases. I applaud you, Ms. Vincent.