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Just One Day - Gayle Forman Originally at: http://wordsandsinew.blogspot.com/2013/03/just-one-day-by-gayle-forman.htmlYou should know that I read this book two months ago, therefore any sort of coherent or eloquent train of thought is gone. Long gone. Just bits and pieces here. I just put off the review because of laziness, really.What I do remember is being disappointed. I mean, you all know of my undying, overly professed love of Where She Went and this is where most of the disappointment stems from. Yes, I kept making comparison. Yes, that is completely and totally unfair which means anything I say about this book is biased, but hear me out anyway.I loved the second half of this book far more than the first half, which odd to say the least. You'd think the best part would be Allyson and Willem's one day together, which was romantic and all, but Allyson's self-discovery was far more interesting to me. Why? Because I connected with it on so many levels.I'm in college now. I have some vague sense of what I want my future to be but other than that, I have no idea what the hell I'm doing so naturally I knew exactly how Allyson felt. That feeling of loss, uncertainty.But like Allyson, you learn it's all about stepping outside of who you are and what makes you comfortable in order to actually figure it all out. Forman has that feeling of loss of identity and uncomfortableness down perfectly. She keys in on everything Allyson is feeling and is, so you connect with it fast. If anything, Just One Day proves how insanely well Forman knows her characters which is why her work is always so well-received. Despite connecting with it so well, I was disappointed. I wish I could precisely pin down why but alas, it escapes me. Totally have got it now! What bothered me was how obsessed Allyson got over Willem. In their one day together, she got irrationally jealous over other girls that talked to him, touched him, looked at him. Which was kind of insane to me. Plus, Willem serves no other purpose in the book other than being the guy who shows Allyson what's wrong with her life and makes her wanna shake things up. In other words: The Manic Pixie Person. You're all familiar with the Manic Pixie Dream Girl, yes? (If not, just look at any role Zooey Deschenal plays. Seriously.) That's the role I felt Willem fulfilled here. Nothing more, nothing less.Obviously we'll get to read a lot more on Willem in Just One Year and his story, yes, but I was just hoping for more in here. My bet's on that Forman will deliver on Just One Year but for now, I am disappointed. Not by the writing because I will never, ever be disappointed by Gayle Forman's writing, but the content. Hopefully things turn around in the next one.