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Revolution - Jennifer Donnelly Wow. What can I say?I loved this book. It's by far one of the most honest books I've read about life, love, death, and the relationship between people in general.I'm a bit of a history nut, especially when it comes to European history, and this book absolutely doesn't shy away from it. I learned so much regarding the French Revolution. What's great is that Ms. Donnelly gave me the information in a way that it wasn't overload. I could read it without having to go back ten times just to remember who was what or who did what. She presented her information really well in a way that kept the story moving forward. I can tell she did an insane amount of research for this book; it shows through Alexandrine's narrative and even Andi's.Speaking of narratives, I enjoyed every bit of Andi's. She's a very gritty, honest, and troubled character whose voice shines. I enjoyed reading her story and related to her so well. Alexandrine's narrative was entertaining as well. I didn't enjoy them as much as I thought I would though, in fact sometimes I struggled to get through her entries! I don't know why, perhaps when I read this again sometime in the future I'll figure it out, but at times I really did struggle to get through them. However, her narrative stayed true to her time of the 17th century and some of the statements in them were so profound or enigmatic which I loved. Jennifer Donnelly's writing is LOVE. It's seriously some of the best writing I've come across in awhile. She can paint a picture without giving you paragraph after paragraph of detail. She can make you feel. If you don't get lost in the plot or character, you'll get lost in her writing. It's stunning. The book kind of hits a slump somewhere in the middle. You're just reading entry after entry. Which I totally get why, I just wish I had found them as captivating as Andi had. Don't get me wrong, I still totally enjoyed the plot but it just hit a bump that took a bit to get over. It may take while to get through if you aren't super speedy reader but it hits close to the heart and worth the read. (For the full review, click here.)