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The Lonely Hearts Club

The Lonely Hearts Club - Let me start off by saying that this is purely chick-lit. These days a lot of YA is so heavy and dark. I couldn't tell you how refreshing it was to just read something light and fun for once. The characters in here are so funny. They annoyed me sometimes, but still so funny. The plot isn't anything spectacular though and the conflict isn't very conflicty. (I know that isn't a word, but it's nearly midnight and I'm tired. Bear with me.)Things were resolved too easily. But knowing that this was pure chick-lit, I didn't have too high of hopes for the plot. Which is maybe why I didn't find it as disappointing.The book sends a very positive message about friendship but at some point it becomes force-fed down your throat.All I can say is that if I'm ever in the mood for a light fun read, this will be one of the first books I turn to. (Fuller review coming soon.)