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Blood Bound (Unbound Novel)

Blood Bound (Unbound Novel) - Rachel Vincent & at: http://wordsandsinew.blogspot.com/2013/01/blood-bound-by-rachel-vincent.htmlI've read this book maybe five times already? Some passages I've read at least a hundred. Every time I read it, it becomes an obsession for awhile because Vincent's world-building is that good. It sucks you in, anchors you, and refuses to let you go until you find something else to obsess about. (In my case, Mass Effect.) Intricacy and fragility carries each power in the Unbound world. Nothing is without some sort of price or catching the attention of some dangerous syndicate leader. The plot is just one giant, tangled mess -- but in the best way possible. For every part of the crime that Liv & Cam solve, there's about fifty more directions they have to follow to solve the big picture. There are just so many pieces thrown about everywhere that when it finally all comes together, Vincent does what she does best: completely blows your mind. I can't imagine the insanity she feels when putting her plots together because it all really is so intricately tied together in a way you can't realize until she decides to tell you. Plotting queen, this woman is. It's funny because in the novel when Live and her motley crew realize how everything came together at the working of one person, I sympathize with them entirely because Vincent does that over and over again.Liv has the Vincent trademark as a main lead: she's bad-ass, has no problems kicking your ass, and suffers hero complex. She's definitely a lot grittier than Vincent's other leads but that's pretty much where the differences end. No problem though because the literary world can always use more bad-ass females like Vincent's. Between you and me, I'm really sick of the nerdy/loner/spineless/quiet MC trope that is just plaguing the market. I'll take bad-ass lead over ~girl-whose-special-but-doesn't-know-it~ any day.The book moves between two points: Cam and Liv's. Personally, I think we could definitely use more books from a male's perspective so Cam's chapters were nice but were riddled with continuous thoughts about Liv. Don't get me wrong, I completely understand why but at some point it does become too much and Cam just begins to sound kinda like a teenage girl. Liv and Cam's chemistry is incredibly hot and so easy to get lost in. OTP alert, anyone?I mean, what else is there to say? If you love urban fantasy as much as I do, this is a must. And if you love Rachel Vincent as much as I do, then this is an absolute must. Rachel Vincent has crafted a world and a cast of characters guaranteed to suck you in and never let you go, just like anything else she writes.